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  • Looking for partners!

    Diamond Genetics is looking for partners to implant several embryos of high genetics. Diamond Genetics buys 15% of the calves born from these embryos in average back. Optional Diamond Genetics can take the bulls calves back for a fair price. We are asking for: Preferably official free herds of IBR, BVD, Lepto Free herd of […]

  • Delta Birdget and her dtr DG Biene continues refreshment for R&W

    If you would take the progress made in the recent years in the Black and White population because of bulls such as Superstition, Supersire and Delta it is behond imagniation. Not one breeding programm in the world does not want these bulls in their programm, every sire line up in the world is having some […]

  • Superstyle and Supershot a special pair of brothers.

    In the spring of 2013 Supershot git his first number going claiming the world wide number 1 Net Merit position. Now in 2020 we can say Supershot met all expectation. With over 1600 milk a 2,76 SCS and Positive DPR he still beats many of he current stars in one of these fields. He is […]