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  • #1 Daughter Proven R&W and B&W bulls for Diamond Genetics

    Diamond Genetics had good results last week during the December Index Run. Especially at┬áthe daughter proven Red & White and┬áBlack & White bulls. DG Charley is the #1 B&W daughter proven bull in the United Kingdom at ABS. DG Charley is a Supershot son out of DG Candide VG-85-NL VG-88-MS 3yr. She is a Mogul […]

  • Diamond Genetics breeds Europe’s No.1 Bull!

    Again an other bull bred by Diamond Genetics reaches to the European number 1 position in the world wide most important GTPI ranking for Black and White Holsteins. DG Salph reaches to an incredible 3106 GTPI and 1067 Net Merit. The dam was already owned by Diamond Genetics and the grand dam was imported as […]

  • Diamond Genetics welcomes two new members to the team

    Diamond Genetics welcomes two new members to the team: Luc Nijensteen, Luc will work on the DG donor station and will take care off the day to day care of the animals. A very important job, we are sure Luc will be able to make the difference there! Luc has a passion for farming and […]