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  • DG Rifka *RC & DG Amaya *RC new additions to the DG R&W programm

    DG Rifka *RC… a name to remember! Sometimes a calf gets that special name and is that special calf from the day she was born. With DG Rifka *RC was it a good sign, the recipient herd knew the calf because it was such a nice aggressive calf. Well DG Rifka is a Red Carrier with Beta Casein A1A2 and […]

  • DG Plum and DG Pops.. A special pair of sisters..

    Two sisters have entered the flush program of Diamond Genetics and are getting quite some attention. DG Plum and DG Pops, sired by Westcoast Lambeau (the popular Pursuit son from the Comestar Laurie Sheik Dynasty family), from one of the most popular cow families worldwide at the moment: the one from Siemers Lmbda Paris EX-91-USA, on which you can now […]

  • DG Dubro RED, the #1 RED & WHITE GTPI Genomic sire!

    He is the #1 RED & WHITE GTPI Genomic sire in Worldwide, the #1 RED & WHITE GTPI sire combining >+2970 GTPI, >+1.80 PTAT and >+1800kgM and is the #1 GTPI son from DG DGF Boraz *RC @Ai-Total: DG Dubro! This Red & White Boraz *RC son is out of Charl daughter DG OH Dewi *RC. 3rd dam of DG Dubro is DG OH […]