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High offspring from OH DG Rose RDC VG-87!

De Oosterhof (OH) DG Rose RDC VG-87 by Rubicon originates from the Holbra branch of well-known Mark Prudence family. Her dam by Aikman was purchased by DG and De Oosterhof Holsteins and they in turn consigned Rose VG-87 to the March 2016 Vekis Sale on which she sold to the well-known Bouw Holsteins herd. Mr. Jan Bouw flushed her extensively and Salvatore embryos resulted in very high g TPI and g RZG offspring. One of the resulting RED Salvatore heifers was purchased back by De Volmer Holsteins and DG and from this Salvatore, Lakeside UPS Rosylane RED, the very first RED heifers have been born. These RED heifers are sired by Delta Jacuzzi-RED, a very high g NVI and g RZG bull from CRV. The highest of the first two RED Jacuzzi heifers is De Volmer DG Rozanne RED. She looks real good, is contracted by Genetics Hokkaido already and scores a shattering 442 g NVI along with 2500 g TPI! Rosylane herself is due later this year. DG and De Volmer Holsteins hope future calves will have similar looks and results as these first two!

OH DG Rose VG-87 produced: 2.05 305d 10.948kgM 4.1% 450F 3.4% 367P


A transmitter of components und great udders!

Roccafarm Beacon Chrissy was purchased as a calf from Roccafarm, Belgium by DG and Albero Holsteins about 7 years ago. As a high genomic tested maiden heifer, this Beacon x Ramos x Outside daughter was flushed extensively. She freshened and classified VG in the herd of Broeklander Holsteins and continued to be in heavy use as a bull mother, now for CRV. Several calves and meanwhile granddaughters are currently in full use in the CRV nucleus. Today we know that her sons Checkmate RDC (by Aikman RDC and at RSH), Blooper (by Boss , AI Total)  and Gandhi  (by Galaxy, VOST) deliver their genomic promises of high components and great udders. Beacon Chrissy, granddaughter of the prolific Larcrest Outside Champagne EX-90, proved to be a successful source for fantastic components and udders and several daughters milking in several herds also show the same characteristics. We congratulate the owners of successful Chrissy offspring and expect to hear more good news from the Chrissy’s in the near future!

Roccafarm Beacon Chrissy VG-87-NL 2yr.
Produced: 2.03 305d 9.041kgM 5.0% 446F 3.8% 343P

Diamond Genetics is looking for Red & White Holstein bulls!

Diamond Genetics is currently looking for Red & White Holstein bulls that meet the following criteria:

  • Born between May 1 2018 and Feb 1 2019
  • Healthy and well grown with correct feet and legs
  • Bulls > 2100 g TPI and positive for milk and components in production index
  • Or Parent Average of at least 2100 g TPI
  • Born in Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and  Germany

Dams production:

  • At least one lactation at or over 10.000 kgM in 305d.
  • At least 3,9% fat 3,2% protein

Please send pedigrees of bulls and/or dams to Diamond Genetics or Eurogenes:

Jan Postma
Emma Scholten

USA embryo successes

The US for long is known for deep cow families and superior genetic material. Right from the start Diamond Genetics has invested heavily in embryos from the best US cow families. Mars Yorick, Vekis Chevrolet, Col DG Crushtime and DG Mogul Candide VG-85, the dam of DG Charley, are great results of our US embryo purchases. Right now DG works heavily with Larcrest Celandine. Her embryos by a.o. Aurora Mitchell could result in the next chart topper!

Crushtime’s semen is in high demand at Sexing Technologies

DG goes Jersey!

Top-end Show-Type or high-end genomic Jersey embryos, Diamond Genetics has what you need! Directly from some of the best Jersey donors in the USA backed by the best cow families like VERONICA or the tremendous A.I. producing MAID’s! Don’t hesitate to contact us with your Jersey needs.

DG OH Rubels RED

Rubels-RED is a phenomenon. The highest red and white g TPI bull of the breed and the most complete red and white bull ever! Rubels-RED will soon be available through ABS, represented in the Netherlands by Fa. Heemskerk. He is a son of Endco Argo RDC (a Silver son from the Apple line) from a high-producing, good looking Rubicon daughter who in turn received the red and white factor from her mother’s father Aikman. This Aikman is also the mother of the high g TPI, g RZG and g NVI bull Alaska-RED and goes back via a Planet on the world famous Rainyridge Tony Beauty 5E EX CAN. Rubels-RED is an excellent example of the power of the breeding program of DG and De Oosterhof Holsteins.

Rubels-RED has a very complete profile and is carrying the Kappa Casein BB variant as well!

OH DG Rubels-Red // +2733 GTPI // #1 R&W GTPI bull in the breed! (COMPLETE INDEX)

  • +2733 GTPI // +2.72 PTAT // +2.48 UDC / +0.17% Fat / +0.07% Protein / >1100 Milk
  • Not released yet in Germany but +147 RZM / +128 Euter / +125 RZE / +0.30% Fett / +0.07% Eiweiss
  • Canada: +3577 LPI DGV / +11 Conf. DGV / +0.51% Fat / +0.28% Protein / >1500 Milk


DG OH Django – Topstone

The Oosterhof Holsteins from Willem Scholten from Ambt Delden (prefix OH) and Diamond Genetics together bought Aikman daughter Telgter Aikman Doreen at the 2014 Holland Masters Sale. Aikman Doreen had a good DNA breeding value, carried the red and white factor and she came from the very successful Durham Prudence line of Holbra Holsteins from Laren. The bull DG OH Django was born in 2017 from a Rubicon daughter of this Aikman Doreen. Django’s father is Bomaz AltaTopshot and Django was sold to Masterrind in 2018. The bull has since been renamed Topstone and meanwhile Masterrind has made his semen available. In addition to an excellent profile and a current g RZG of 158, this bull also has a g TPI of 2732 and a g NVI of 342 with a whopping 450 € INET. In addition to appropriate breeding values ​​for the frame characteristics, his profile stands out for excellent breeding values ​​for cell count and daughter fertility. Topstone has a slightly different pedigree and is supported by a deep, high-component and conformation cow family. Diamond Genetics wishes Masterrind every success with the sale of semen from this strikingly complete bull.

Topstone, an allround sire stack: AltaTopshot x Rubicon x Aikman x Man O Man x Mascol x Durham

Great Success for DG and partners on the European Show at Libramont April 13 2019

Diamond Genetics and its partners JK Eder Holsteins and Drakkar Holsteins are very pleased with the success of the Dutch group at the recently held European Championship in Libramont. The Dutch group of 4 adult Holsteins acted very strong and managed to place themselves before the group of countries such as Italy and Spain. This country group with both JK DG Esmeralda, now EX-92 and Drakkar Bulona, now also EX-92, made a strong impression and achieved a 3rd place in this country competition. Dutch cows performed excellently and we are happy and proud that we have been able to play a role in the strong performance of the Dutch group on this European Championship. Dutch and DG Champions League performances!

Country group the Netherlands during the European Show (3rd place)

Drakkar Bulona EX-92-NL – 5th place European Show
Bred by Drakkar Holsteins and sold through the Drakkar Sale to Steegink & Hullcrest Holsteins

JK DG Esmeralda EX-92-NL – 6th place European show
Bred and owned by JK Eder Holsteins & Diamond Genetics

European Masters Sale CATALOGUE ONLINE!

The countdown started to one of the greatest events on the Global Holstein breed agenda: The European Show in Libramont and the European Masters Sale, which will take place on the Friday-night (12. April) in the Libramont Showring! The catalogue is online and offers one of the greatest line-ups ever on a European Sale! This sale offers direct opportunities from global stars like Galys-Vray, Strans-Jen-D Tequila Red, Luck-E Advent Kandie-Red, KHW Regiment Apple Red, Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn, Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha, Peak Goldwyn Rhapsody, Blonding Goldwyn Subliminale, Du Bon Vent Inkapi and more! As well multiple heifers are selling >2800 GTPI (up to GTPI +2897 & >1000 Net Merit), several heifers >4 PTAT and +20 DGV Conformation, >160 RZG (up to 166 RZG) and many more of the greatest index heifers in the breed which can put a big stamp on any breeding program and the entire breed in the future!  The catalogue is online! Click further to read the online catalogue!

The catalogue is online!