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#1 Daughter Proven R&W and B&W bulls for Diamond Genetics

Diamond Genetics had good results last week during the December Index Run. Especially at the daughter proven Red & White and Black & White bulls. DG Charley is the #1 B&W daughter proven bull in the United Kingdom at ABS. DG Charley is a Supershot son out of DG Candide VG-85-NL VG-88-MS 3yr. She is a Mogul daughter out of Larcrest Cale VG-89-USA DOM out of Lacrest Crimson EX-94-USA EX-96-MS GMD DOM from the famous Lacrest Cosmopolitan VG-87-USA GMD DOM. Another success was for R DG Aladdin-Red, he is the number 1 daughter proven R&W bull in the United Kingdom @Cogent.

R DG Aladdin-Red is a Entitle grandson from BTS Avea-Red VG-89-NL backed by Kamps-Hollow Altitude *RC EX-95-USA 2E DOM. Aladdin is bred by Rijnhof Holsteins and Diamond Genetics. The #1 daughter proven B&W bull in Germany at +158 RZG, bred by Veelhorst Holsteins and Diamond Genetics, is Veelhorst DG Casino @VOST. Casino is a DG Charley son and backed by Broeks Betty VG-88-NL VG-89-MS 2yr. one of the world’s best Snowman daughters. The #1 R&W daughter proven bull in Germany at SBS / AI Total is OH DG Alaska. He is a Pat-Red son out of an Aikman daughter out of Planet Elaine VG-88 going back to the Rainyridge Tony Beauty EX-CAN family. Alaska has +148 RZG and for type +140 RZE! He is bred by De Oosterhof Holsteins and Diamond Genetics.

Photo credits: Anna Joose, Alex Arkink, Guillaume Moy Photographies, Han Hopman ©

#1 B&W daughter proven bull in the UK: DG Charley
Supershot x DG Candide VG-85-NL (s. Mogul) x Larcrest Cale VG-89-USA DOM (s. Observer) x Lacrest Crimson EX-94-USA EX-96-MS GMD DOM (s. Observer)

  • DG Charley is the #1 B&W daughter proven bull in the UK at ABS
  • +610 PLI /  +1287kgM / +0.5 DPR / +1.9 SCE / +2508 GTPI
  • From the Lacrest Cosmopolitan VG-87-USA GMD DOM family

Dam: DG Candide VG-85-NL VG-88-MS 3yr. (PEDIGREE)
Mogul x Larcrest Cale VG-89-USA DOM (s. Observer) x Lacrest Crimson EX-94-USA EX-96-MS GMD DOM (s. Observer)

#1 daughter proven R&W bull in the UK: R DG Aladdin-Red
Entitle *RC x R. DG Avira Red VG-85-NL 2yr. (s.Olympian *RC) x BTS Avea-Red VG-89-NL (s. Detox)

  • +554 PLI / +2.29 Type Merrit
  • Bred by Rijnhof Holsteins and Diamond Genetics

R DG Aladdin-Red daughter

  • 1st in her class and Junior Reserve Champion @Jr. Expo Bulle 2021

#1 daughter proven B&W bull​: Veelhorst DG Casino
DG Charley x Mardi Gras x Planet x Broeks Betty VG-88-NL

  • +158 RZG / +115 RZE / +2009kgM / +0.12%F / +117 RZGesund
  • Bred by Veelhorst Holsteins and Diamond Genetics.

#1 R&W daughter proven bull: OH DG Alaska-Red
Pat-Red x OH DG Elasnai *RF (s. Aikman) x Rainyridge RZH Planet Elaine VG-88-NL 2jr. 

  • #1 RZG daughter proven interbull sire in Germany at +148 RZG (12/21)
  • +140 RZE / +132 Euter / +126 RZN / +1663 Milch / +134 RZM
  • Bred by De Oosterhof Holsteins and Diamond Genetics

Diamond Genetics breeds Europe’s No.1 Bull!

Again an other bull bred by Diamond Genetics reaches to the European number 1 position in the world wide most important GTPI ranking for Black and White Holsteins. DG Salph reaches to an incredible 3106 GTPI and 1067 Net Merit. The dam was already owned by Diamond Genetics and the grand dam was imported as an embryo trough AMS Genetics LLC.

Diamond Genetics welcomes two new members to the team

Diamond Genetics welcomes two new members to the team:

Luc Nijensteen, Luc will work on the DG donor station and will take care off the day to day care of the animals. A very important job, we are sure Luc will be able to make the difference there! Luc has a passion for farming and has already a life long experience in this field.

Luc welcome and good luck!

Laura Uineken, Laura will work on the Eurogenes website and support the various sales Diamond Genetics is co-managing. Laura has a passion for breeding and showing cattle and a life long experience in this field.

Laura and Luc welcome!

Ing. Pieter Pasterkamp joined Diamond Genetics

As of September 1st Ing. Pieter Pasterkamp joined Diamond Genetics. Pieter graduated in 2016 from Aeres Agree as an agricultural engineer. Right after leaving college he started working for a company in the fishing industry, where he had roles in sales and logistics. Pieter has always had and kept a special interest for breeding, he aims to offer trouble-free genetics that suits the local need of dairymen. 

Pieter is married with Janselien and they are expecting their first child in January. Welcome to Diamond Genetics Pieter!

Diamond Genetics sources four out of top 10 daughter proven bulls in Dutch Interbull Ranking

Four of out of the top ten daughter proven bulls in the Dutch Interbull NVI list are sourced or bred by Diamond Genetics.

At the first place we find NH Mitch bred by Nosbisch & Sunview Holstein. He is a Kerrigan sons out of NH Balisto Marilyn Monroe VG-86. She was the top seller at the German Masters Sale 2014 for 86.000 EUR, was no.1 production cow in Germany in her first lactation and was shown at the National Show in Germany.
NH Mitch is followed by Hurtgenlea Richard Charl, the son of the true breed legend DG Charley. Hurtgenlea Richard Charl is the number 1 GTPI daughter proven bull in the world but also sky high in several other countries as well.
At the the third place we find Riethill Summerlake, the complete DG Charley son from the NH Super Islandwave family. He combines huge production and great health traits. Further in the top 10 we find Casino, the DG Charley who comes from the line of the world famous Snowman daughter Broeks Betty VG-88.

NH Sunview MITCH
#1 NVI dtr proven Interbull sire at +301 NVI
+452 INET / +1337 Milk / +0.38%F / +0.10%P / +104 Type

Hurtgenlea Richard CHARL | #2 NVI dtr proven Interbull sire at +299 NVI

  • The #1 daughter proven GTPI & NM$ bull
  • Production: +1876 Milk / +105 Fat / +60 Protein
  • Total index:  GTPI +2927 // NM $ 1000 // PTAT +1.00

Riethil SUMMERLAKE @ Masterrind

  • #4 NVI dtr proven Interbull sire at +294 NVI
  • +289 NVI / +1149 Milk / +0.50%F / +0.10%P / +430 INET

Elite Wagyu genetics available through Diamond Genetics

The 2 ELITE Wagyu donors EMW Himawari and WVF MS Kikuya-ET have the donorstation of Diamond Genetics in Wijhe and will have embryos available for sale soon.
They are exceptional Wagyu heifers and from the greatest original Japanese bloodlines, with some of the legendary sires of the breed in their pedigrees. They have high genomic tests and are free of all known recessives.


Interested in embryos? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Hurtgenlea Richard CHARL reaches the Ultimate Number 1 Position

In March 2016 the first doses of DG CHALEY where shipped to the United States. Right away after arrival in the US, the AMS Genetics team distributed these doses for the first flushes and IVF-sessions. Among these first sessions was a top Yoder daughter at Hurtgenlea named Hurtgenlea Yoder Modesto. Looking back this early shipment was one of the most influential shipments to come from Europe to the United States since the semen of  Shottle arrived.

Just before the New Year of 2017 the first DG Charley calves where born in the U.S. The results would come in in February… And then the results came in, first the group including former no.1 RZG bull Siemers Merryguy. But then the second group… Hurtgenlea Richard Charl was there… the New Number 1 GTPI and Net Merit.
An agreement with Sexing Technologies was made and as part of that agreement semen would come to Europe exclusive for contracts with Diamond Genetics and Sexing Technologies would use the bull in the United States. This partnership resulted in the highest GTPI bull born in 2018 in the United States Genosource CAPTAIN and the highest GTPI bull born in Europe DG PAUL.

Since August last year the first daughters of Hurtgenlea Richard Charl started to calf in. The daughters milked a lot and especially their components where at most impressive. Also their udders and feet & legs where better then expected…. This resulted in an impressive climb in his April 2021 breeding value bringing him to the most desirable title in the Holstein Breeding scene the number 1 place on the International TPI list!  Being used heavily in the Diamond Genetics and it’s partners breeding programs there are several daughters on the way and pregnancies by his highest son Captain are coming. With these genetics Diamond Genetics ensures the necessary level of genetics to it’s clients among the world.

Top female GTPI rankings in Europe – April 2021:

Holstein International Cow Family Tournament

In the March 2021 issue of Holstein International, you’ll find a unique world wide Cow Family Tournament hosted either by Holstein International. Over 50 influential cow families are nominated for this award. On this exceptional list we find several cow families which are developed or discoverd by Diamond Genetics. Many offsprings are spread all around Europe. It’s up to you to vote for your favorite! Click further to find out more.

Baviere is bought by DG France and developed herself into a world known cow family inside Europe.

Bel Iron Irene 
Two Bolton daughters: Bertaiola Bolton Lidia and Bertailo Bolton Serena were bought by Diamond Genetics as pregnant heifers in Italy. The combination of Bolton which provides lots of milk but needed daughter fertility in combination with Boss Iron and Mtoto made this pedigree from the start very unique in the World. Two months after calving both Bolton daughters, Lida has calved from an Alexander daughter, left to the Netherlands were this Italian cow family would stamp his mark.

Chemello Jocko Benge
Chemello Jocko Benge has been bought by Diamond Genetics in Italy. She developed herself into one of Europe’s most succesful cow families with lots of daughter testing bulls which can represent themselves with the current GTPI market.

Grietje 80/ Genua
The line which made Grietje 80 famous, was via her Aaron daughter Genua. Genua went from Germany to the Netherlands as a pregnant heifer. Oman embryos went to Denmark were the start of this succesful cow family began. Oman embryos were either sold to CRV, this resulted in DT Impress and DT Improver. Nowadays one of Europe’s most successful cowfamilies.

RUW Neblina
Oman embryos were bought via Diamond Genetics at Veenhuizer Holsteins and sold to Tirsvad-Anderstrup in Denemark. This was the fundamental of the Tir-Ann Neblina line.

Bolton Cinderella
This cow Giessen Bolton Cinderella was bought by Diamond Genetics at Giessen Holsteins as a fresh 2-Yr Old. She moved to JK Eder Holsteins and developed into a leading line of the Roxy family with as highlights the Snowman sons JK-Eder-I Control @ Semex and JK-Eder Ciderman @ AI-Total.

This famous family of the brothers Cabon from France. DG and JK Eder Holsteins imported the in meantime famous Emeraude after her win at the Space show in Paris. Nowadays Emeraude is the ONLY cow alive in Europe with 6 EXCELLENT daughters.

DG resultats with other nominated families
Tirsvad Luke Classic family brought via Rose the world wide know bull De Volmer DG Supershot at Cogent.

Muri Planet Popsy, via her Numer Uno daughter Pepita EX-91, dam to DG Popstar at Intermizoo.

Holbra Pam, at the Vekis Sale her Aikman daughter Telgter Aikman Doreen was purchased by Diamond Genetics. She is dam to De Oosterhof DG Rose *RC VG-87 (s. Rubicon, the foundation behind several successful R&W bulls.

Read more: CLICK HERE

DG Sniper, maybe Kingboy’s most complete son…

DG Sniper was an early Kingboy son resulting from a Snowbiz Sympatico Sal VG-86-USA 2yr.
Snowbiz Sympatico Sal was a daughter out of Gen-I-Beq Snowman Summer. She was bred by the Snowbiz Syndicate. The Snowbiz Syndicate was Trans-Atlantic partnership between mostly Canadian and European breeders including Diamond Genetics, Giorgio Rosetti, Dave Eastman, O’Connor Holsteins and managed by Albert Cormier. The Syndicate bought a group of high profile Snowman daughters and worked with these cows for one generation. At the dispersal sale many influential animals have been sold , inclucing the Snowbiz Symatico Sal animal to Diamond Genetics.  Diamond Genetics flushed her intensively and implanted embryos in the US as well in North America. From the US pregnancies the Kingboy son DG Sniper was born and sold in an online bull sale to Ascol & AI Total. Snowbiz Sympatic Sal was the full sister to Snowbiz Sympatico Sofia, the dam of Salvatore *RC and the source behind several strong and influential Red & White lines.

Pictured are a group of 5 2nd calf SNIPER daughters at Anderstrup Holsteins in Denmark. 

Avg score: VG-89,4
Avg udder score: EX-93!!!
Avg production: 66,4 kg milk / day

DG Kingboy SNIPER has now >600 daughters in his American daughter proven index, after more than 500 daughters entered his production- and more than 200 new classified daughters entered his type index in the December ’20 index run in which DG Sniper his breeding values increased for milk production, lbs of Protein, Productive Life, DPR, Udder Composite, Feet & Leg Composite and overall TPI.