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Chilton #1 Proven Type Sire Italy

Snowbiz M Chilton is the #1 proven Type sire in Italy. Chiltons exciting Type numbers are no surprise. Chilton is a McCutchen son out of Ms Chassity Snow Carrie, a EX-92 92-MS Snowman daughter of Regancrest S Chassity EX-92. Snow Carrie herself sold for $100,000 during the Snowbiz I.G. Sale. 2013. Chilton was delivered to Intermizoo by Diamond Genetics.

Chilton – #1 Proven Type sire in Italy – Delivered by Diamond Genetics

CASINO – Bull of the Month @ VOST

The new bull of the month at German AI VOST is DG Charley son Veelhorst DG CASINO. With 159 RZG CASINO is one of the top-ranking bulls in the German RZG system and a very popular sire of sons. He also transmits high production, fitness and health traits and what makes him more interesting is the fact that he is FREE of BOOKEM bloodlines. CASINO was bred by Veelhorst Holsteins and Diamond Genetics and delivered to the VOST by Diamond Genetics.


Grand dam: Broeks Plabet VG-88-NL 2yr.


New #1 NM$ heifer in Europe from DG Breeding Program!

An exciting preliminary proof for DG Eli last week, with +1045 Net Merit $ she is the new #1 Net Merit $ heifer in Europe! Eli is sired by De-Su Spectre and her dam is DG Albero Elise. Elise is a full sister to the popular sire ELDORADO at AI Total and backed by a strong line of the Savage-Leigh Bellwood Linda family! Highlights of Eli her proof include: +2128 PTA Milk, +197 lbs. combined Fat & Protein, SCS 2.69, +274 Feed Efficiency and GTPI+2806!


DG Eli |  7/18 (*Prelim) index
Production: +2128 Milk / +0.14% Fat / +0.04% Protein / +121 Fat  /  +76 Protein / +197 CFP
Fitness: PL +7.2 / SCS 2.69 / Feed Efficiency: +274 / SCE 5.7
Conformation: Stature +0.28 / Strength -0.08 / BDE 0.01 / RPA 0.47 / UDC +1.23
TOTAL INDEX:  GTPI +2806 / NM $ 1045

#1 Net Merit calf in Europe

Her dam: DG Albero Elise

Full brother to dam: DG Albero Eldorado @ AI Total

Same cow family: Savage-Leigh Allen Leona EX-96-USA

Breed leading R&W bull SPARK available!

The breed leading R&W sire Col DG SPARK-Red is available through Masterrind! He is by far the highest R&W sire for RZG in the breed with RZG 162 and as well the #1 RZM & #2 RZE R&W available bull. He is the #6 GICO bull in Spain between the B&W bulls (GICO +4782) and has +312 gNVI in the Dutch system (INET +450). SPARK-RED is bred from the German Genesland program and has a very attractive pedigree as a Salvatore x Debutant x Brewmaster x Snowman out of the Canadian Glen Drummond Splendor cow family. As well Spark is Kapa Casein BB! Click further for more information about Spark.


Col DG SPARK-RED      (Click here for more information)
(Salvatore x Debutant x Brewmaster x Snowman x Goldwyn x Durham x Glen Drummond Splendor)
* The #1 R&W RZG bull in the breed – RZG 162
* The #1 RZM & #2 RZE (type) R&W available bull
* The #6 GICO bull between the B&W’s: GICO +4782
* High in the Dutch gNVI system: gNVI +312 / INET +450
* Great index and pedigree – THE R&W bull for this moment!
* Kapa Casein BB and free of all known haplotypes
* Available through Masterrind

HI – DG Charley sons: Global access to sensational genetics!

“Charley sons: Global accesss to sensational genetics” is the title of the 2 page article in the Holstein International about this breeding phenomenon. DG Charley is one of the topselling bulls @ ABS thanks to his very interesting pedigree (Supershot x DG Candide – Larcrest Crimson EX-94 cow family) and his very complete index with +1781 Milk, very low cellcount (SCS 2.61) and very allround type. As a sire of sons he already succeeded many times with top ranking progeny in many different systems, such as the #1 Net Merit bull CHARL @ ST (GTPI +2903 / NM $ 1074), 2 sons in the German Top 10 RZG (Casino & Summerlake), 4 sons in the Italian G-PFT Top 10 (Neutron, Lightman, Nebula & Affleck), sire of the #3 GICO bull in Spain and to the highest NTM bull in the World: Baltazar (NTM +37). Read the complete article in the Holstein International June ’18 edition on page 56 and 57!


Read the Holstein International June ’18 edition (Page 56 and 57) for the complete article. 


Col DG CRUSHTIME – #1 Conformation bull: +20!!

Col DG CRUSHTIME is the new #1 type bull in the breed on the Canadian base with +20 Conformation (+22 DGV Conformation), he combines this with +4.00 PTAT on the American base. Crushtime is a son of the Doorman son Maverick CRUSH, which is not available in Europe. Crushtime will be one of the hottest type bulls in the breed from this moment as he add some very welcome traits for the type market, he is a positive production sire with +600 Milk with +0.04% Protein in his American index, with 7.2 for Sire Calving Ease, in his flawless type proof he shows to transmit good rumps (-0.10 RPA) and a little bit longer teats (+0.15 TL)  with incredible udders: +3.43 UDC!! Crusthime is a fantastic bull himself and comes from a family which proved to make great ones, his grand dam Oh-River-Syc Mrdn Billie EX-91-USA 4yr. is the full sister to Byway @ Semex, going back on the one and only Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92-USA! Crushtime will be available sexed and conventional through Inseme Italy and Sexing Technologies.


(Crush x VG-85-USA Mogul x EX-91-USA 4yr. Meridian x EX-91-USA 5yr. Atwood x EX-91-USA Shottle x Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92-USA)     

   4/18  Conformation +20  –  DGV index: +19 Udder / +14 F&L / +17 Dairy Strength / +5 Rump / +22 DGV Conf. / +3026 LPI
Click here for the complete Canadian index
#1 CONFORMATION bull in the World!
  4/18  +600 Milk / +0.04% Protein / SCE 7.2 / UDC +3.43 / RUH +4.89 / RUW +4.50 / FUA +4.61 / PTAT +4.00

Click here for the complete USA index
CRUSHTIME is available through Sexing Technologies / Inseme Italy

Full sister to CRUSHTIME:   Col DG Brylan @ Genesland 
* +3.88 / DGV Conf. +19       (4/18)

Full brother to grand dam:   BYWAY @ Semex
* One of the highest dtr proven PTAT sires in the breed: PTAT +3.53 / UDC +3.50 UDC based on 293 classified dtrs in his American proof



5th dam: Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92-USA

DG nominations Dutch Cow of the Year!

For the first time HI+ organizes a Dutch Cow of the Year election. Diamond Genetics is honored to have 3 nominations for Dutch Cow of the Year 2018. These are DG Candide (dam of DG Charley), Tir-An N.U. Nyala (dam of R DG Neutron & DG Nebula, top ranking bulls in Italy) and Mr. Sam Darling (the dam of the reigning Grand Champion Expo Bulle ’18: DH Gold Chip Darling EX-95-CH). Click further for more info about these three  fantastic transmitters.

Dam ARISTOCRAT fresh and looks impressive!

The dam of Mr Frazzled ARISTOCRAT, Al-Lew Monterey Ashley 1346, is fresh and looking very impressive! She recently scored VG-87-2YR (just over 1 month fresh) and also knows how to work in the milking parlor! Aristocrat was the #3 GTPI young sire on the April 2018 proof run with a NAAB code.

#1 CHARL > Unique opportunity for European breeders available!

Hurtgenlea Richard CHARL is the World’s highest GTPI & Net Merit bull of bulls older then 12 months: GTPI +2903 and 1074 $ Net Merit, more than 50 Net Merit points higher than the #2 in this ranking! CHARL has a unique index with >2000 Milk / +117 Fat / +67 Protein, combined with incredible fitness traits (SCS 2.77 / PL +8.1 / DPR +1.5 / SCE 6.0) and +1.70 UDC in his type profile! CHARL is also A2/A2 and is free of all known haplotypes! There is a UNIQUE opportunity available for European breeders to use CHARL genetics to your breeding program. Contact us today!



Hurtgenlea Richard CHARL 
NAAB: 551HO03529
Click here for more information

Contact us for more information: 
Diamond Genetics – Tel. +31 (0)38 4606922 – Email.
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Full siblings: #2 R&W heifer and the World’s #1 R&W GTPI bull!

De Oosterhof Holsteins and Diamond Genetics has bred the World’s #1 GTPI R&W Bull in the breed, named DG OH Rubels Red, an Argo son with GTPI +2767, while his full sister is the #2 GTPI R&W heifer in Europe with GTPI +2725!! Their dam OH DG Rubellia *RC is a Rubicon-sister to the #2 gNVI & #5 gRZG R&W bull: OH DG ALASKA-Red, going back on Rainyridge Tony Beauty! A great run for the R&W’s this run as a herdmate came back as a Top 5 GTPI Red Carrier bull in the World: DG OH Double *RC @ GTPI +2819, he is a Salvatore-son out of the Golden Oaks Prudence EX-95-USA cow family! Click further for more info!


BULL: DG OH Rubels Red TC 
3/18 GTPI +2767  –  #1 GTPI R&W bull in the WORLD!!
> High testing in multiple systems!
> Argo x OH DG Rubellia RC

HEIFER: OH DG Agriroria Red TC
3/18 GTPI +2725   –   #2 GTPI R&W Heifer in Europe
    > Click here for her pedigee

Maternal brother to dam: OH DG ALASKA-RED @ AI Total

Sister to 3rd dam: 
RZH Enya-Red VG-88-FR  (Res. Int. Champion SPACE France ’17)

8th dam: Rainyridge Tony Beauty EX-CAN