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DG nominations Dutch Cow of the Year!

For the first time HI+ organizes a Dutch Cow of the Year election. Diamond Genetics is honored to have 3 nominations for Dutch Cow of the Year 2018. These are DG Candide (dam of DG Charley), Tir-An N.U. Nyala (dam of R DG Neutron & DG Nebula, top ranking bulls in Italy) and Mr. Sam Darling (the dam of the reigning Grand Champion Expo Bulle ’18: DH Gold Chip Darling EX-95-CH). Click further for more info about these three  fantastic transmitters.

Dam ARISTOCRAT fresh and looks impressive!

The dam of Mr Frazzled ARISTOCRAT, Al-Lew Monterey Ashley 1346, is fresh and looking very impressive! She recently scored VG-87-2YR (just over 1 month fresh) and also knows how to work in the milking parlor! Aristocrat was the #3 GTPI young sire on the April 2018 proof run with a NAAB code.

#1 CHARL > Unique opportunity for European breeders available!

Hurtgenlea Richard CHARL is the World’s highest GTPI & Net Merit bull of bulls older then 12 months: GTPI +2903 and 1074 $ Net Merit, more than 50 Net Merit points higher than the #2 in this ranking! CHARL has a unique index with >2000 Milk / +117 Fat / +67 Protein, combined with incredible fitness traits (SCS 2.77 / PL +8.1 / DPR +1.5 / SCE 6.0) and +1.70 UDC in his type profile! CHARL is also A2/A2 and is free of all known haplotypes! There is a UNIQUE opportunity available for European breeders to use CHARL genetics to your breeding program. Contact us today!



Hurtgenlea Richard CHARL 
NAAB: 551HO03529
Click here for more information

Contact us for more information: 
Diamond Genetics – Tel. +31 (0)38 4606922 – Email.
Jan de Vries – Tel. +31 (0)6 26250502 – Email.
Jan Postma – Tel. +31 (0)6 42778550 – Email.
Arjan van der Vlis – Tel. +31 (0)6 43985150 – Email.
Jasper van den Broek – Tel. +31 (0)6 44016220 – Email.
Germany – Christoph Lüpschen – Tel. +49 (0) 15112121766 – Email.
France – Jan van den Oord – Tel. +33 (0)679961625 – Email.

Full siblings: #2 R&W heifer and the World’s #1 R&W GTPI bull!

De Oosterhof Holsteins and Diamond Genetics has bred the World’s #1 GTPI R&W Bull in the breed, named DG OH Rubels Red, an Argo son with GTPI +2767, while his full sister is the #2 GTPI R&W heifer in Europe with GTPI +2725!! Their dam OH DG Rubellia *RC is a Rubicon-sister to the #2 gNVI & #5 gRZG R&W bull: OH DG ALASKA-Red, going back on Rainyridge Tony Beauty! A great run for the R&W’s this run as a herdmate came back as a Top 5 GTPI Red Carrier bull in the World: DG OH Double *RC @ GTPI +2819, he is a Salvatore-son out of the Golden Oaks Prudence EX-95-USA cow family! Click further for more info!


BULL: DG OH Rubels Red TC 
3/18 GTPI +2767  –  #1 GTPI R&W bull in the WORLD!!
> High testing in multiple systems!
> Argo x OH DG Rubellia RC

HEIFER: OH DG Agriroria Red TC
3/18 GTPI +2725   –   #2 GTPI R&W Heifer in Europe
    > Click here for her pedigee

Maternal brother to dam: OH DG ALASKA-RED @ AI Total

Sister to 3rd dam: 
RZH Enya-Red VG-88-FR  (Res. Int. Champion SPACE France ’17)

8th dam: Rainyridge Tony Beauty EX-CAN

DG HS Noel – A new Genomic Giant

This very good looking son of DG Charley currently ranks amongst the highest available bulls in Germany. Next to 160 gRZG, DG HS Noel has also +351 gNVI and 4837 gICO. DG HS Noel combines production, type ánd health traits.

Noel is bred by Hul-Stein and Diamond Genetics and is a fine result of the DG breeding program. His dam HS DG Supershot Neliza classified VG-86 points and produced 6435 Kg milk in her first 192 days of lactation. Next dam is Nr. Uno Nelina who also classified VG 86 and is now producing 9570 Kg milk in 236 days of her second lactation.

Noel is owned by VOST (Leer, Germany) and this new sire of sons is now internationally available through GGI.

23 February 2018 next Online Elite Bull Sale

On February 23  this year’s first edition of the Online Elite Bull Sale will be held.
A great opportunity to sell your high g TPI, g RZG bulls!
Through the Online Bull Sales, now very popular bulls like Dukefarm Sillian, DG Albero Eldorado, OH DG Helios, DG OH Alaska-RED and Koning Tarzan have been sold.
Your consignments, also first choice bulls from at least 4 confirmed pregnancies, can be offered until January 25.
Please send pedigrees and genomic index sheets to:

Aristocrat – Global Phenomenon!

Perhaps the most exciting, complete young sire in the breed! Aristocrat combines production (+18​04M, +​90F, +6​3P) with elite health traits (+9.9 PL, +2.70 SCS and +​3.2 DPR), calving ease (SCE ​7.​%) and +2.8​2 UDC, +1.​31 FLC with a fantastic linear! But that is not all, Aristocrat combines this exciting index with a different sire stack. As a son of Frazzled from a Monterey dam he is the perfect sire to use on daughters of for example Jedi, Modesty and many more! 
Backed by a strong maternal line backed many generations of very good and Excellent cows including GBM Durham BC Annabell EX-90-3YR DOM. Stay tuned for more future headlines about this exciting, complete bull backed by a big time pedigree!

Diamond Genetics B.V. has clients for B&W Holstein bulls

Diamond Genetics is looking for B&W Holstein bulls on the short-term. The following is requested:

  • Bulls should be 100% Holstein and born in either Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg or The Netherlands
  • Bulls should be born between September 1 2016 and May 1 2017
  • Dams at least one lactation with (projected) 305d  10.000kgM and 3,7%f
  • Genomic index g RZG or g TPI is available. At least 140 g RZG or 2300 g TPI is requested.
  • No recessives like CD and CVM with bulls.
  • Bulls with good feet and legs, well grown, no warts or ringworm.


Please send pedigrees and or more information to:

We look forward to receiving your information and we will be back in touch straight after.