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Successful bulls at VOST Germany

On March 13 two milking daughter groups were shown in the ring of the Ostfrieslandhalle at Leer, Germany. Both the VOST and early semen users are very satisfied.  All black Brentano (Balisto x Sudan x Xacobeo and from the Caps Mairy’s) went as an embryo via the DG EG Embryo Auction to Germany. Brentano stamps his offspring, being black and very functional. The other bull showing daughters is Disanto (Doorman x Dempsey x Xacobeo) and he hails from a deep and successful French family. The same family as breed greats Shottle Amarante and Goldwyn Emeraude. Disanto was sourced for the VOST through DG France and delivers show type and fantastic udders. Both bulls deliver as promised:  Genomics @ work! Congratulations VOST and early users.
Brentano (Balisto x Sudan x Xacobeo)
Disanto (Doorman x Dempsey x Xacobeo)

Charl makes European #1 GTPI & #2 Net Merit bulls

The global phenomenon, Hurtgenlea Richard Charl, started recently to have calves on European soil and these calves are following their fathers transmitting pattern, hitting them high in the top charts! His son DG Paul is the highest GTPI bull ever born in Europe following the December ’18 index: GTPI +2935, a bull with a tremendous index sheet going back on Larcrest Crimson EX-94-USA EX-96-MS!  The 2nd highest Net Merit bull ever in Europe is called GEN Christian, born out of the Genesland program. Christian has a Net Merit of $ 1042 and is going back on another breeding phenomenon: Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95-USA (All-American & All-Canadian 5yr. Old).

Two of his first European sons which came back with genomic results:

Pedigree: Charl x DG Bodile x MS DG-TM Delta Blake x Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95-USA cow family
Index: 03/19 +2058 +0.10%F +0.01%P +105F +67P // NM $ 1042
SCS 2.76 // PL +7.2 // DPR +2.7 // SCE 5.6
Stature +0.20 // UDC +1.67 // FLC +1.00 // PTAT +1.56

Grand dam: MS DG-TM Delta Blake

5th dam Rainyridge Talent Barabara EX-95-USA


Pedigree: Charl x Bourbon x Supershot x DG Candide x Larcrest Cale VG-89 x Crimson EX-94-USA
Index: 03/19 +1844M +0.09%F +0.03%P // NM $ 998 / GTPI +2935
SCS 2.60 // PL +7.3 // DPR +4.2 // SCE 6.3
UDC +2.26 // FLC +1.41 // PTAT +1.84

3rd dam: DG Candide VG-85 VG-88-MS

5th dam: Larcrest Crimson EX-94-USA EX-96-MS

Esmeralda EX-90 selected for European Show 2019

JK DG Esmeralda EX-90  by Doorman, will participate at the European Show 2019 in Libramont! Great news for her breeders and owners , the Kolff family at Woudrichem and Diamond Genetics, Zwolle. Doorman Esmeralda scored  EX-92 for her udder and her 3rd lactation is projected to over 12.000kgM wth good components. Doorman Esmeralda already captured some major titles at larg Shows. As a 2yr old she made it to reserve juniour Champion at the 2016 HHH-Show and as a fresh 3-yr old she placed first in her class at the NRM 2017. And now on her way to the European stage in Libramont, Belgium! Her dam Goldwyn Emeraude EX-91 also has a strong record when it comes to winning large Shows and she knows how to produce. Lactations of over 14.000 -15.000kgM in 305d are no exceptions. From this super type, udder and frame family several members are flushed regularly via Esemeralda’s are crossing borders!

JK DG Esmeralda EX-90-NL EX-92-MS

De Bertaiola Lidia’s, still going strong!

Vendairy Snowman Lidia 4 VG-86 was one of the first purchases for the Diamond Genetics breeding programme.
Meanwhile and after 3 longer lactations she has yielded 75.000 kgM with 4,0% fat and 3,35% protein! She has bred some outstanding daughters and granddaughters.
Her daughter DG Fanatic Lindsay, classified VG-88 as a first calver and her 2nd lactation stands at: 430d  20.0000kgM with 4,0%f and 3,4%p.
Her Tango granddaughter Vekis Laticia made 16.000kgM in her first lactation and averages 50kgM in the first 200days of her second lactation.
Furthermore: a straight Lidia 4 daughter by Balisto landed as an embryo in Japan and currently stands nr. 2 on the Japanese index list. This heifer called Develop Balisto Lidia classified GP-83 and is producing well.
Develop Balisto Lidia, GP-83 in Japan

So, Snowman Lidia 4 her milk and type genes have been passed on successfully. Regarding male offspring: her Polled Powerball son in Germany, named Pesto Pp, is very complete in his profile and could spread the Lidia genes even further!

Vendairy Snowman Lidia 4 VG-86

Broeks Betty VG-88 her global impact

Embryos from Broeks Betty VG-88 not just went to the US and Canada, also Genetics Hokkaido from Japan invested in Betty-embryos. They bought Bookem embryos from this incredible Snowman daughter and the result was Omaura Brownie, the current nr. 1 Type bull and nr. 2 UDC bull in Japan! A tremendous result for this client of Diamond Genetics. Next to Brownie, Betty VG-88 – from an EX Shottle dam – is also dam to Broeks Tychip, who is selling well for AI Total. And last but not least, her great grandson by Charley, De Veelhorst DG Casino, is selling very well for VOST Leer, Germany. Casino currently ranks in the top 5 g RZG and is also 2700 g TPI and 340 g NVI.

Picture:  six daughters of nr. 1 Type bull in Japan, Omura Brownie – Bookem x Broeks Betty

The Eagle has landed!

Diamond Genetics is pleased to announce the availability of semen of DG Eagle!  Eagle is an Imax son from Eldorado’s full sister, DG Albero Montross Elise. DG Eagle has around 2800 g TPI and his profile shows you can expect high production, lots of dairy character, a slight slope to the rump and longer teats.

His profile can be found when following this link:

DG Eagle 

Eagle his semen is available from AI Total with the socalled Aidol agreement. An agreement for use between the breeder client and AI Total.
Eagle’s Supersire granddam just scored VG-88 in Italy!

Grand dam: All.Nure Supersire Eleonor VG-88-IT

Swissbec Power RED delivers the show winners!

Power-RED, bred by the Swissbec breeders group, was sold in 2016 by DG France to ZBH in Alsfeld, Germany, the current Qnetics. At the time, this beautiful red-and-white bull already stood out because of extremely high genomic breeding values for conformation and especially udders. Meanwhile, his daughters capture high positions on various shows, such as the recently held Swiss Expo. In the 5th young cattle class on this top show, the 1A, 1B and 1C spot were for daughters of Power RED!

2nd place class 1: Mollanges Power STARLETTE

2nd place class 3: PraderGrens Power RED LINE

1st place class 5: Monny Power SHYME

3 POWER daughters in the TOP 3 @ class 5!!

Supershot #1 Progeny Proven Sire!

Supershot keeps impressing! As a genomic young sire Supershot was already extremely popular, as a sire of sons he was very successful and with adding milking daughters to his proof he confirms! During the recent December proof run Supershot took the #1 spot at the Dutch NVI base as a proven sire. With no less than 311 NVI he confirms the high expectations breeders had from him as a young sire. His daughters are productive, have a favorable fat-/protein ratio, healthy udders and a very balanced type. Supershot has positive scores for all linear traits! But not only in the Netherlands the breeders are raving about their Supershot daughters, also in the USA, Canada, UK and Germany he is showing very favorable progeny proven proofs! Supershot was bred by De Volmer Holsteins and Diamond Genetics.

Nadja dominates the January 2019 intermediate-run!

Happy new year to everybody! 2019 start off with some skyhigh new European females, animals which can compete in the global index top for GTPI & Net Merit. DG HS Nadja is getting herself a status as a Genomic Giant more and more, in January she delivered her 5th direct son or daughter >2800 GTPI, with this run 2 heifers in the Top 10 for GTPI, which are also both in the Top 5 for Net Merit, up to GTPI +2865 and 974 Net Merit! Click further for the rankings!

Top 25 Net Merit Females Europe (January ’19) 

Top 25 GTPI Females Europe (January ’19) 

Top 15 GTPI Females Europe (January ’19) 

Chilton #1 Proven Type Sire Italy

Snowbiz M Chilton is the #1 proven Type sire in Italy. Chiltons exciting Type numbers are no surprise. Chilton is a McCutchen son out of Ms Chassity Snow Carrie, a EX-92 92-MS Snowman daughter of Regancrest S Chassity EX-92. Snow Carrie herself sold for $100,000 during the Snowbiz I.G. Sale. 2013. Chilton was delivered to Intermizoo by Diamond Genetics.

Chilton – #1 Proven Type sire in Italy – Delivered by Diamond Genetics