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EBH Mandoline pictured and classified

The German Balisto daughter EBH Mandoline has been recently pictured by Han Hopman. EBH Mandoline is the full sister from the popular German bull Basement. EBH Mandoline is co-ownership from DG, Drouner Holsteins and Duindam Holsteins. EBH Mandoline is a Balisoto daughter tracing back to the family of Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92. This family is world wide know fordelivering toptransmitters such as Silver, Supersire, Mardigrass, Powerball and many others. With still an incredible 74 pounds of protein in her US index she is still one of the highest pounds protein animals of the breed. She has also been able to transmit her strong protein talent to her daughters. Two of her daughters are owned by DG and partners.

DG DH Drouner Maylinn (v. Utah) owned by Nosbisch & DG.


DG DH Drouner Madalyn (v. Utah)  owned by Rijnhof & DG

3 sons already left to AI. EBH Mandoline is classified with VG-86 points.