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Genesland program starting to role; Col DG Sparkle Red with 2590GTPI and 168 RZG; no. 1 RZG bull in the breed

The Genesland program is a partnership between Diamond Genetics and Mr. and Mrs. Lüpschen. It started last year and the first calves are being born. After delivering several bulls into AI already one of the highest PTAT  bulls in the breed COL DG Curshtime to Sexing Technologies now the real jackpot is going to Masterrind. Col DG Sparkle Red is the unofficial no. 1 RZG Red & White bull in the Breed. Sparkle Red is a Red Salvatore son from  Col Savanah Red.  Sparkle Red has a complete index with no wholes and great type and production. Col DG Sparkle Red is also one of the first calves to be produced by Diamond Genetics IVF technologies, so there for a double success.