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Diamond Genetics B.V. has clients for B&W Holstein bulls

Diamond Genetics is looking for B&W Holstein bulls on the short-term. The following is requested:

  • Bulls should be 100% Holstein and born in either Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg or The Netherlands
  • Bulls should be born between September 1 2016 and May 1 2017
  • Dams at least one lactation with (projected) 305d  10.000kgM and 3,7%f
  • Genomic index g RZG or g TPI is available. At least 140 g RZG or 2300 g TPI is requested.
  • No recessives like CD and CVM with bulls.
  • Bulls with good feet and legs, well grown, no warts or ringworm.


Please send pedigrees and or more information to:

We look forward to receiving your information and we will be back in touch straight after.