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Aristocrat – Global Phenomenon!

Perhaps the most exciting, complete young sire in the breed! Aristocrat combines production (+18​04M, +​90F, +6​3P) with elite health traits (+9.9 PL, +2.70 SCS and +​3.2 DPR), calving ease (SCE ​7.​%) and +2.8​2 UDC, +1.​31 FLC with a fantastic linear! But that is not all, Aristocrat combines this exciting index with a different sire stack. As a son of Frazzled from a Monterey dam he is the perfect sire to use on daughters of for example Jedi, Modesty and many more! 
Backed by a strong maternal line backed many generations of very good and Excellent cows including GBM Durham BC Annabell EX-90-3YR DOM. Stay tuned for more future headlines about this exciting, complete bull backed by a big time pedigree!