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De Bertaiola Lidia’s, still going strong!

Vendairy Snowman Lidia 4 VG-86 was one of the first purchases for the Diamond Genetics breeding programme.
Meanwhile and after 3 longer lactations she has yielded 75.000 kgM with 4,0% fat and 3,35% protein! She has bred some outstanding daughters and granddaughters.
Her daughter DG Fanatic Lindsay, classified VG-88 as a first calver and her 2nd lactation stands at: 430d  20.0000kgM with 4,0%f and 3,4%p.
Her Tango granddaughter Vekis Laticia made 16.000kgM in her first lactation and averages 50kgM in the first 200days of her second lactation.
Furthermore: a straight Lidia 4 daughter by Balisto landed as an embryo in Japan and currently stands nr. 2 on the Japanese index list. This heifer called Develop Balisto Lidia classified GP-83 and is producing well.
Develop Balisto Lidia, GP-83 in Japan

So, Snowman Lidia 4 her milk and type genes have been passed on successfully. Regarding male offspring: her Polled Powerball son in Germany, named Pesto Pp, is very complete in his profile and could spread the Lidia genes even further!

Vendairy Snowman Lidia 4 VG-86