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DG OH Django – Topstone

The Oosterhof Holsteins from Willem Scholten from Ambt Delden (prefix OH) and Diamond Genetics together bought Aikman daughter Telgter Aikman Doreen at the 2014 Holland Masters Sale. Aikman Doreen had a good DNA breeding value, carried the red and white factor and she came from the very successful Durham Prudence line of Holbra Holsteins from Laren. The bull DG OH Django was born in 2017 from a Rubicon daughter of this Aikman Doreen. Django’s father is Bomaz AltaTopshot and Django was sold to Masterrind in 2018. The bull has since been renamed Topstone and meanwhile Masterrind has made his semen available. In addition to an excellent profile and a current g RZG of 158, this bull also has a g TPI of 2732 and a g NVI of 342 with a whopping 450 € INET. In addition to appropriate breeding values ​​for the frame characteristics, his profile stands out for excellent breeding values ​​for cell count and daughter fertility. Topstone has a slightly different pedigree and is supported by a deep, high-component and conformation cow family. Diamond Genetics wishes Masterrind every success with the sale of semen from this strikingly complete bull.

Topstone, an allround sire stack: AltaTopshot x Rubicon x Aikman x Man O Man x Mascol x Durham