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DG OH Rubels RED

Rubels-RED is a phenomenon. The highest red and white g TPI bull of the breed and the most complete red and white bull ever! Rubels-RED will soon be available through ABS, represented in the Netherlands by Fa. Heemskerk. He is a son of Endco Argo RDC (a Silver son from the Apple line) from a high-producing, good looking Rubicon daughter who in turn received the red and white factor from her mother’s father Aikman. This Aikman is also the mother of the high g TPI, g RZG and g NVI bull Alaska-RED and goes back via a Planet on the world famous Rainyridge Tony Beauty 5E EX CAN. Rubels-RED is an excellent example of the power of the breeding program of DG and De Oosterhof Holsteins.

Rubels-RED has a very complete profile and is carrying the Kappa Casein BB variant as well!

OH DG Rubels-Red // +2733 GTPI // #1 R&W GTPI bull in the breed! (COMPLETE INDEX)

  • +2733 GTPI // +2.72 PTAT // +2.48 UDC / +0.17% Fat / +0.07% Protein / >1100 Milk
  • Not released yet in Germany but +147 RZM / +128 Euter / +125 RZE / +0.30% Fett / +0.07% Eiweiss
  • Canada: +3577 LPI DGV / +11 Conf. DGV / +0.51% Fat / +0.28% Protein / >1500 Milk