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A transmitter of components und great udders!

Roccafarm Beacon Chrissy was purchased as a calf from Roccafarm, Belgium by DG and Albero Holsteins about 7 years ago. As a high genomic tested maiden heifer, this Beacon x Ramos x Outside daughter was flushed extensively. She freshened and classified VG in the herd of Broeklander Holsteins and continued to be in heavy use as a bull mother, now for CRV. Several calves and meanwhile granddaughters are currently in full use in the CRV nucleus. Today we know that her sons Checkmate RDC (by Aikman RDC and at RSH), Blooper (by Boss , AI Total)  and Gandhi  (by Galaxy, VOST) deliver their genomic promises of high components and great udders. Beacon Chrissy, granddaughter of the prolific Larcrest Outside Champagne EX-90, proved to be a successful source for fantastic components and udders and several daughters milking in several herds also show the same characteristics. We congratulate the owners of successful Chrissy offspring and expect to hear more good news from the Chrissy’s in the near future!

Roccafarm Beacon Chrissy VG-87-NL 2yr.
Produced: 2.03 305d 9.041kgM 5.0% 446F 3.8% 343P