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High offspring from OH DG Rose RDC VG-87!

De Oosterhof (OH) DG Rose RDC VG-87 by Rubicon originates from the Holbra branch of well-known Mark Prudence family. Her dam by Aikman was purchased by DG and De Oosterhof Holsteins and they in turn consigned Rose VG-87 to the March 2016 Vekis Sale on which she sold to the well-known Bouw Holsteins herd. Mr. Jan Bouw flushed her extensively and Salvatore embryos resulted in very high g TPI and g RZG offspring. One of the resulting RED Salvatore heifers was purchased back by De Volmer Holsteins and DG and from this Salvatore, Lakeside UPS Rosylane RED, the very first RED heifers have been born. These RED heifers are sired by Delta Jacuzzi-RED, a very high g NVI and g RZG bull from CRV. The highest of the first two RED Jacuzzi heifers is De Volmer DG Rozanne RED. She looks real good, is contracted by Genetics Hokkaido already and scores a shattering 442 g NVI along with 2500 g TPI! Rosylane herself is due later this year. DG and De Volmer Holsteins hope future calves will have similar looks and results as these first two!

OH DG Rose VG-87 produced: 2.05 305d 10.948kgM 4.1% 450F 3.4% 367P