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SHG Breeding: breeder of the UNIQUE Lotto-Red!

SHG Breeding from Denmark has delivered LOTTO-RED, who has become quickly one of the most popular R&W type sires in the breed from this moment! Lotto-Red has it all, his father Avalanche *RC is the #1 daughter proven TYPE bull in the breed and has been very limited available World Wide and has never been available in Europe! His maternal side is moutwathering as he goes back on the favorite type cow of many show lovers around the globe: Rockymountain Talent Licorice EX-95-USA! Lotto-Red is the ONLY R&W bull in the World combining  >3.65 PTAT with >395 milk and easy calvings, as well he sires SHOW udders, wide frame, optimum Feet & Legs and wide & sloped rumps! LOTTO-RED semen is now available through your AI Total distributor!

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