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Examples Online Easter Heifer Sale!

Only a few days and the Online Easter Heifer Sale will be launched. This sale will be held from Friday, 10 April till Friday, 17. April 9:00 p.m. (CEST). This ONLINE Easter sale offers the very best: SHOW heifers, INDEX heifers and many intersting embryo packages. With for example: a +2798 GTPI Riveting daughter close to flush age from the Vir-Clar De Classy VG-88-USA GMD DOM family, a tremendous Chief show heifer from the VG-86-FR VG-88-MS full sister to Hanna-Vray EX-95-CH & Galys-Vray EX-94-CH, Häni’s Futur Absolute Redlife EX-94-CH – Grand Champion R&W Swiss Expo 2018 her grand dtr, a classwinner of the Jersey show Swiss Expo ’20 & many more!!

Eurogenes EASTER Heifer Sale
Start: Vrijdag 10. April / Friday 10. April
Sluiting: / Closing: Vrijdag 17. April 21:00 uur / Friday 17. April 09:00 P.M. (Dutch Time)
Veiling Methode: / Sale Methode: TAG+ Sale methode

CLICK HERE < for a direct link to the auction site!