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DGF Casimir (GTPI +2987): the Legacy Continues!

DGF Casimir got his first genomics back yesterday, he came trough with +2987 GTPI, that makes him the un-official #1 bull in Europe. This line of the Larcrest Crimson cow family already delivered superstars as DG Charley and DG Paul  in the past, now DGF Casimir is added!

With Dexpro MOJO (by Medley) out of DG Caimee (by Helix), he also has an alternative and modern pedigree, followed by DG Caylee, the full sister to DG Charley!

DGF Casimir gets his sky-high GTPI score trough his components (0.12% Fat and + 0.10% Protein) in combination with super health traits (2.64 SCS & 2.6 DPR) and a formidable type (1.22 UDC and 1.00 F&L). It is also important that he has a flawless bottom bar and is suitable for use on heifers.