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Superstyle and Supershot a special pair of brothers.

In the spring of 2013 Supershot git his first number going claiming the world wide number 1 Net Merit position. Now in 2020 we can say Supershot met all expectation. With over 1600 milk a 2,76 SCS and Positive DPR he still beats many of he current stars in one of these fields. He is today’s Europe’s  most influential bull to have ever come to the Holstein scene.
Cogent did not only acquire Supershot but also his full brother Superstyle, now looking back a very wise decision. If we look at Superstyle his proof in the Netherlands he is leaves with 235 NVI  his brother Supershot (257 NVI) in front, but looking at the production side Superstyle certainly shows impressive number resulting in 367 INET. In Germany Supershot now had 146 GRZG and also three sons (Topshot, Windmill and Estetian) in the top 10 daughter proven list! The influence and legacy of Supershot will continue trough his so many sons and grand sons.