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Looking for partners!

Diamond Genetics is looking for partners to implant several embryos of high genetics. Diamond Genetics buys 15% of the calves born from these embryos in average back. Optional Diamond Genetics can take the bulls calves back for a fair price.

We are asking for:
Preferably official free herds of IBR, BVD, Lepto
Free herd of Neospora & Salmonella
Obove average of fertility results
At least 25 embryos which can be implanted every year.

We offer you:
A unique chance to get the most interesting genetics in your barn!!
Good compensation for all the calves that are bought back from these embryos.
A great possibility to get the WORLD’s most wanted cow families in your herd!!

For more info:
Diamond Genetics
Jentsje Bootsma
Tel: +31(0)6- 46 58 15 45