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New “Spitzenvererber” Menko

The bull Menko reached the Title “Spitzenvererber”in the last Milchrind issue based on the performance of his daughters.
Vekis DG Menko is a Missouri son out of DG Meridian Lizzy, then we find Vendairy Snowman Lidia 4 VG-88. He reached to an impressive +144 RZM with +119 RZE resulting in +143 RZG.
Also two other sons out of DG Meridian Lizzy made it as proven stars, Vekis DG Lockheed +2554 GTPI @ Semex and Vekis DG Lee with +2517 GTPI @ AI Total.
There are several branches of this family being developed by various breeders to ensure the continuation of this family.

Vekis DG Menko (Leopard)