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DG Sniper, maybe Kingboy’s most complete son…

DG Sniper was an early Kingboy son resulting from a Snowbiz Sympatico Sal VG-86-USA 2yr.
Snowbiz Sympatico Sal was a daughter out of Gen-I-Beq Snowman Summer. She was bred by the Snowbiz Syndicate. The Snowbiz Syndicate was Trans-Atlantic partnership between mostly Canadian and European breeders including Diamond Genetics, Giorgio Rosetti, Dave Eastman, O’Connor Holsteins and managed by Albert Cormier. The Syndicate bought a group of high profile Snowman daughters and worked with these cows for one generation. At the dispersal sale many influential animals have been sold , inclucing the Snowbiz Symatico Sal animal to Diamond Genetics.  Diamond Genetics flushed her intensively and implanted embryos in the US as well in North America. From the US pregnancies the Kingboy son DG Sniper was born and sold in an online bull sale to Ascol & AI Total. Snowbiz Sympatic Sal was the full sister to Snowbiz Sympatico Sofia, the dam of Salvatore *RC and the source behind several strong and influential Red & White lines.

Pictured are a group of 5 2nd calf SNIPER daughters at Anderstrup Holsteins in Denmark. 

Avg score: VG-89,4
Avg udder score: EX-93!!!
Avg production: 66,4 kg milk / day

DG Kingboy SNIPER has now >600 daughters in his American daughter proven index, after more than 500 daughters entered his production- and more than 200 new classified daughters entered his type index in the December ’20 index run in which DG Sniper his breeding values increased for milk production, lbs of Protein, Productive Life, DPR, Udder Composite, Feet & Leg Composite and overall TPI.