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Holstein International Cow Family Tournament

In the March 2021 issue of Holstein International, you’ll find a unique world wide Cow Family Tournament hosted either by Holstein International. Over 50 influential cow families are nominated for this award. On this exceptional list we find several cow families which are developed or discoverd by Diamond Genetics. Many offsprings are spread all around Europe. It’s up to you to vote for your favorite! Click further to find out more.

Baviere is bought by DG France and developed herself into a world known cow family inside Europe.

Bel Iron Irene 
Two Bolton daughters: Bertaiola Bolton Lidia and Bertailo Bolton Serena were bought by Diamond Genetics as pregnant heifers in Italy. The combination of Bolton which provides lots of milk but needed daughter fertility in combination with Boss Iron and Mtoto made this pedigree from the start very unique in the World. Two months after calving both Bolton daughters, Lida has calved from an Alexander daughter, left to the Netherlands were this Italian cow family would stamp his mark.

Chemello Jocko Benge
Chemello Jocko Benge has been bought by Diamond Genetics in Italy. She developed herself into one of Europe’s most succesful cow families with lots of daughter testing bulls which can represent themselves with the current GTPI market.

Grietje 80/ Genua
The line which made Grietje 80 famous, was via her Aaron daughter Genua. Genua went from Germany to the Netherlands as a pregnant heifer. Oman embryos went to Denmark were the start of this succesful cow family began. Oman embryos were either sold to CRV, this resulted in DT Impress and DT Improver. Nowadays one of Europe’s most successful cowfamilies.

RUW Neblina
Oman embryos were bought via Diamond Genetics at Veenhuizer Holsteins and sold to Tirsvad-Anderstrup in Denemark. This was the fundamental of the Tir-Ann Neblina line.

Bolton Cinderella
This cow Giessen Bolton Cinderella was bought by Diamond Genetics at Giessen Holsteins as a fresh 2-Yr Old. She moved to JK Eder Holsteins and developed into a leading line of the Roxy family with as highlights the Snowman sons JK-Eder-I Control @ Semex and JK-Eder Ciderman @ AI-Total.

This famous family of the brothers Cabon from France. DG and JK Eder Holsteins imported the in meantime famous Emeraude after her win at the Space show in Paris. Nowadays Emeraude is the ONLY cow alive in Europe with 6 EXCELLENT daughters.

DG resultats with other nominated families
Tirsvad Luke Classic family brought via Rose the world wide know bull De Volmer DG Supershot at Cogent.

Muri Planet Popsy, via her Numer Uno daughter Pepita EX-91, dam to DG Popstar at Intermizoo.

Holbra Pam, at the Vekis Sale her Aikman daughter Telgter Aikman Doreen was purchased by Diamond Genetics. She is dam to De Oosterhof DG Rose *RC VG-87 (s. Rubicon, the foundation behind several successful R&W bulls.

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