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Diamond Genetics sources four out of top 10 daughter proven bulls in Dutch Interbull Ranking

Four of out of the top ten daughter proven bulls in the Dutch Interbull NVI list are sourced or bred by Diamond Genetics.

At the first place we find NH Mitch bred by Nosbisch & Sunview Holstein. He is a Kerrigan sons out of NH Balisto Marilyn Monroe VG-86. She was the top seller at the German Masters Sale 2014 for 86.000 EUR, was no.1 production cow in Germany in her first lactation and was shown at the National Show in Germany.
NH Mitch is followed by Hurtgenlea Richard Charl, the son of the true breed legend DG Charley. Hurtgenlea Richard Charl is the number 1 GTPI daughter proven bull in the world but also sky high in several other countries as well.
At the the third place we find Riethill Summerlake, the complete DG Charley son from the NH Super Islandwave family. He combines huge production and great health traits. Further in the top 10 we find Casino, the DG Charley who comes from the line of the world famous Snowman daughter Broeks Betty VG-88.

NH Sunview MITCH
#1 NVI dtr proven Interbull sire at +301 NVI
+452 INET / +1337 Milk / +0.38%F / +0.10%P / +104 Type

Hurtgenlea Richard CHARL | #2 NVI dtr proven Interbull sire at +299 NVI

  • The #1 daughter proven GTPI & NM$ bull
  • Production: +1876 Milk / +105 Fat / +60 Protein
  • Total index:  GTPI +2927 // NM $ 1000 // PTAT +1.00

Riethil SUMMERLAKE @ Masterrind

  • #4 NVI dtr proven Interbull sire at +294 NVI
  • +289 NVI / +1149 Milk / +0.50%F / +0.10%P / +430 INET