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Gen Sanne writing her own story..

Look at these impressive names in a pedigree; Misty Springs Lavanguard Sue (dam of Walnutlawn Solomon), Walnutlawn Mccutchen Summer (dam of Walnutlawn Sidekick), the impressive Commander daughter CCC Commander Summer and then on top the quality of Aurora Mitchell! Yes then you have a strong foundation to breed something special, something well balanced between type and production. This is Gen Sanne! Gen Sanne is working on an impressive record of 10.723kg milk with 4.7% Fat and 3.8% Protein. She was recently scored VG-86 as a two year old with VG-87 for her Mammary System and VG-86 for Feet & Legs. Diamond Genetics is currently working intensively with her impressive Genosource Captain daughter DG Samhain to continue this impressive line of the Glen-Drummond Splendor Family in Europe.

Gen Sanne VG-86-NL VG-87-MS 2yr.
Aurora Mitchell x CCC Summerday (s. Modesty) x CCC Commander Summer VG-87-DE La1 x Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer EX-95-USA

Dam to Captain daughter DG Samhain

Grand dam: CCC Commander Summer VG-87-DE La1.
Commander x Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer EX-95-USA x Misty Springs Lavanguard Sue VG-89-CAN
La1 305d 11.545kgM 4.1% 469F 3.5% 405P

Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer EX-95-USA
1-10 365d 12.248kgM 4.6% 561F 3.3% 403P
3-03 2x 365d 13.446kgM 3.6% 486F 3.4% 456P

Dam to: Walnutlawn SIDEKICK @ Semex, Avant Garde Unix SELECT @ Select Sires & Avant Garde SUMMERFEST @ St. Jacobs
1st Mature Cow Summer Invitational Ontario ‘20
Res. Intermediate Champio Northeast Fall National 2016
Nom. All-American 4-Yr Old 2016
Nom. All-Canadian Sr. 3-Yr Old 2016
6th Sr. 3-Yr Old Royal Winter Fair 2016
3rd Sr. 3-Yr Old Oxford Show 2016
?Former #1 Conformation cow in Canada