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AI Total offers you the option to go next level: DG Space

Diamond Genetics has bred a new topper with: DG Space! He offers you the highest possible combination of NVI and GTPI! With +3082 GTPI and +367 gNVI he offers you the very highest level possible. In both indexes he shows the same profile.. huge components and no mistakes! He scores in his Dutch index: +1042kg Milk with +0,65% Fat and +0,31% protein, +100 F&L, +104 UDC and +103 for TYPE! She scores also +114 Cell Count, +94 Milking Speed and 109 Sire Calving Ease.

He scores in his US index: +786kg milk +0,26% fat and +0,11%P with +1,83 PTAT, +1,87UDC, +0,27 F&L, +2,69 SCS, +1,5 Fertility and 1,3% Sire Calving Ease and +1000 Net Merit.

DG Space comes from the great Ladys Manor Rudolph Jen EX-94 cow family. The family is famous world wide and already bread several breeding leading bulls in different index systems! DG Space is a Captain out of Charl daughter DV DG Sika and therefor a complete outcross for 99,99% of the European population.

He scores also in his German Index: +157 RZG and in his Danish index: 43 NTM.

DG Space is available trough your AI Total distributor and part of the Exclusive AI-dol Group!

DG Space (A2A2)
Captain x Charl x Jedi

Dam: DV DG Sika
Charl x De Volmer Sabine (s. Jedi) x Tramilda-N Kingboy Sage VG-87-USA

-The successful bull producing Ladys-Manor Ruby D cow family
-3rd dam is the sister to SHAMROCK
-Same family as: Man-O-Shan, La-Bron, Olympian *RC, Marbach & others
-9 generations bull dams in her pedigree

3rd dam: Tramilda-N Kingboy Sage
Kingboy x Ladys-Manor Mg Suzanne VG-87-USA (s. Mogul) x Ladys-Manor Ruby D Shawn EX-90-USA GMD DOM (s. Shottle)

– From 9 generations bull dams
– Same family as Man-O-Shan, La-Bron, Olympian *RC, Marbach & many others