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Unique JOB opportunity @ Diamond Genetics donorlocation

Do you want to work with 300 dairy heifers of the top genetic level world wide? Do you want to work in an international organization and do you have a passion for animal breeding?​ We are looking for an international internship candidate for our donor location in Wijhe, The Netherlands.

At this facility our nucleus – the very top genetics – is housed. These heifers will be dams of the next generation in the Holstein breed. Influantial bulls from the Diamond Genetics breeding program are Supershot, Charley, Crushtime, Topstone, Rubels-Red, just to name a fewHere you can gain experience and work in a leading breeding program in the world!

During this internship you will work daily with our donors, together with our ET specialists. The goal is to optimize the growth and reproduction results. Dot the I’s, cross the T’s on our daily routine, to maximize the output of our breeding program.
We offer you:

  • A working and learning experience between very special and valuable animals.
  • Knowledge and insights from the best ET and breeding specialist in the world.
  • Salary and housing


About Diamond Genetics

Diamond Genetics is an international organization specialized in the development, import and export of Holstein genetics: AI bulls, embryos and heifers. Diamond Genetics is part of a holding with the companies AI Total BV and Eurogenes. The donor facility is in use since 2021.

This organisation is growing rapidly. We work in a fresh and dynamic environment. Within this organization we work costumer focused.

Examples out of the Diamond Genetics breeding program:






For more information about this job offer, you can contact:

Jan de Vries
Tel. +31 (0)6 26250502