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Captain again the nr. 1 daughter proven sire in the US-ranking

Again a tremendous April 2023 index run for Genosource Captain! With 208 daughters in his index, he is still the #1 International GTPI Sire this proof at +3243 GTPI, that is +29 GTPI points more than in the December ’22 proof! He increased his production traits to +2238kgM with +0.17% Fat and +0.03% Protein, +1258 NM$, +0.2 DPR, 1.5% SCE, +1.46 PTAT with +1.46 UDC. He is followed by Mr T-Spruce Frazz Lionel at +3169 GTPI. He scores in his US-index: +3588kgM with +0.07% Fat, +1295 NM$ and 2.3% SCE. Making the top 3 complete with newcomer Siemers Rengd Parfect at +3066 GTPI in combination with +2.71 PTAT! He has now 74 daughters in his index with +1030kgM, positive components, 2.4% Sire Calving Ease, +0.3 DPR and +2.33 UDC. At the 11th spot we find Hurtgenlea Richard Charl at +2968 GTPI. He added 235 daughter this run to his index, that makes 1257 daughters in his index. He has an amazing profile with +1980kgM with +0.13% Protein, +0.1 DPR, +2.86 SCS, 1.5% SCE and sloped rumps.

All American bull indexes: