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May 2023 intermediate; several interesting new faces in the top!

The new tested females of the May 2023 intermediate run came in recently this week as the fifth of this year. It’s now available for you at Eurogenes! Topping this intermediate run is an Holysmokes daughter from Italy at +3238 GTPI! She is also the #2 NM$ female this intermediate run at +1208 NM$! She is followed by the #2 GTPI female, a Parfect daughter from Spain, tracing back to the Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95-USA cow family at +3189 GTPI. Making the Top three complete with a AltaLumify daughter from the United Kingdom at +3160 GTPI. At the 14th spot we find a Holysmokes daughter from Milkmen Ltd. at +3064 GTPI! She is also the #13 NM$ female this run at +1098 NM$! At the 19th spot we find Wilder City at +3035 GTPI. She is a Holysmokes daughter and tracing back to the Anderstrup MOM Carine cow family. Topping the TYPE (PTAT) is a Siemers Fitters Choice daughter at +4.28 PTAT. Furthermore we find at the third spot Willsbro Cadillac Lila Z 4953 at +3.73 PTAT! She is an early Cadillac daughter from the Lylehaven Lila Z cow family. At the 5th spot we find her barn mate: Willsbro Dynasty Bitcoin 4942 at +3.66 PTAT. She is the great grand daughter to the Supreme Champion World Dairy Expo 2017: Rossiers Blexy Goldwyn EX-97-USA!

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#19 GTPI: Wilder City (PEDIGREE)
US 05/23 GTPI +3035 / NM $ 1007 / PTAT +1.57
Holysmokes x Wilder Cinema (s. AltaZazzle) x Wilder Clark (s. Aristocrat) x BWN Spectre Cliona 4 GP-NL 2yr.

#3 PTAT: Willsbro Cadillac Lila Z 4953 (PEDIGREE)
US 05/23 GTPI +2715 / NM $ 437 / PTAT +3.73
CA 05/23 GLPI +3268 / Conf. +11
Cadillac x Willsbro Radio Lila Z 540 VG-86-UK 2yr. (s. Radio) x Willsbro Lambda Lila Z 354 VG-86-UK 2yr. (s. Delta-Lambda)

#5 PTAT: Willsbro Dynasty Bitcoin 4942 (PEDIGREE)
US 05/23 GTPI +2693 / NM $ 494 / PTAT +3.66
CA 04/23 GLPI +3302 / Conf. +10
Dynasty x TLC Arrows Bitcoin VG-86-UK 2yr. (s. Arrow) x 5guys Blexy Black Raptor VG-88-UK 2yr. (s. Raptor)

#18 PTAT: Willsbro Hullabaloo Pammy 493 (PEDIGREE)
US 05/23 GTPI +2783 / NM $ 526 / PTAT +3.42
CA 04/23 GLPI +3234 / Conf. +6
Hullabaloo x Willsbro Radio Pammy (s. Radio) x Willsbro Erving Pammy 291 VG-87-UK 2yr. (s. Erving)