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Nadja dominates the January 2019 intermediate-run!

Happy new year to everybody! 2019 start off with some skyhigh new European females, animals which can compete in the global index top for GTPI & Net Merit. DG HS Nadja is getting herself a status as a Genomic Giant more and more, in January she delivered her 5th direct son or daughter >2800 GTPI, with this run 2 heifers in the Top 10 for GTPI, which are also both in the Top 5 for Net Merit, up to GTPI +2865 and 974 Net Merit! Click further for the rankings!

Top 25 Net Merit Females Europe (January ’19) 

Top 25 GTPI Females Europe (January ’19) 

Top 15 GTPI Females Europe (January ’19)