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Online Elite Bull Sale

Diamond Genetics is organizing several times per year an Online Elite Bull Sale. During this sale top end bulls are being sold to AI companies.

Famous bulls such as JK Eder Ciderman (Ascol & AI Total), Dukefarm Sillian (Ascol), Bossanova (Masterrind), KHW Fraiko (Bova Genetics), DG Popstar (Intermizoo), DG Albero Eldora (SBS) and more have been sold through these sales. The sales works with a staggering bidding clock. This means the lots sell one by one end everytime a new bid comes in the time to replace a bidd is being extended with 3 minutes. The sale closes when no bids have come in during 3 minutes. The sale is followed by major and smaller AI companies around the globe and is being recogniszed as a reliable source for top end genetics. If you are interested in consigning bulls to our next online Elite Bull Sale  please send an email to